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Major Responsibilities:

Assist the location staff by performing clerical & administrative duties at the location level. Will interface with customers, vendors and internal departments in fulfilling day-to-day responsibilities.

1) Processes vendor invoices for payment and other accounts payable related functions, including accurate account coding.

2) Responsible for preparation of school district billing.

3) Maintains a daily cash receipts log to record payments received at the location.

4) Follows up on all accounts receivable items and notifies manager of delinquent accounts.

5) Answer the telephones and respond to customer inquiries or directs call as needed.

6) Responsible for the location’s “mail” function including: distribution of mail, preparation of overnight packages, maintaining stamps and other mailing supplies.

7) Preparation of fuel reports.

8) Preparation of reporting to select government entities.

9) Maintains contract files and records.

10) Prepares contract correspondence, manager reports and schedules.

11) Other duties as assigned


1) High school diploma or equivalent preferred

2) Possess or have the ability to obtain CDL Operator’s license with required endorsements & other state or local permits as required

Requirements & Expectations

1) Good verbal and written communication skills.

2) The ability to work early morning hours.

3) Must maintain a professional and respectful attitude toward fellow employees and customers.

4) Dress in a professional and appropriate manner for a business environment.

5) Perform all job functions in the safest manner adhering to OSHA guidelines & other applicable Federal& State laws.

6) Execute all job duties while following company policy and procedure · CDL may be required.


1) Basic computer

2) Excel – proficient user (spreadsheet creation, use and understanding of formulas)

3) Word – proficient

4) Strong organizational

5) Basic accounting

6) Ability to use or learn to use internet, additional programs as required and office equipment Apply Now