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Job Purpose:

Produces and maintains corporate records, correspondence and executes administrative policies as determined by Executive staff. Main support of executive team in all administrative functions including scheduling. Serves as office manager for the corporate office.

Major Responsibilities:

1) Manages Corporate officials’ calendars and schedules appointments and meeting requests

2) Utilizes Word and Excel skills to develop, produce and file reports for senior staff, including running and formatting financial reports for Region staff and CEO

3) Screens incoming calls and correspondence and responds independently when possible. `

4) Organizes programs, events, meeting or conferences by arranging facilities.

5) Prepares agendas, notices, minutes and resolutions for corporate meetings.

6) Composes and prepares confidential correspondence, reports and other complex documents.

7) Performs complex and confidential administrative functions including development and processing written correspondence

8) Reconciles receipts & prepares expense reports for Executive staff. Also, reviews expense reports for CEO’s direct reports.

9) Creates and maintains database and spreadsheet files.

10) Maintains facility leases and real estate records

11) Main point of contact for office supplies and general office technology needs

12) Assists IT contractor with internal technology needs at the Corporate level

13) COTG (copier/fax vendor) management

14) Maintains website

15) Distributes company-wide email alerts, including job posting notifications

16) Assists in development of record retention and destruction of documents

Minimum Education & Certifications Required:

  • Associates degree preferred
  • 1-2 years of Executive Administrative experience
  • Minimum of 5 years in executive office environment

Requirements & Expectations:

  • Superior interpersonal skills, written and verbal communication skills with pleasant phone communication ability.
  • The ability to work early morning hours.
  • Must maintain a professional and respectful attitude toward fellow employees and customers.
  • Dress in a professional and appropriate manner for a business environment.
  • Perform all job functions in the safest manner adhering to OSHA guidelines & other applicable Federal& State laws
  • Execute all job duties while following company policy and procedure

  • Proficient computer skills including Microsoft Office
  • Exceptional organizational skills, strong attention to detail and follow-up skills are vital in this position.
  • Ability to use or learn to use internet, additional programs as required and office equipment, including fax and phones or other electronic devices
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