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Job Purpose:

Daily leadership and management of the operation of a school bus facility(ies) revenue contract fulfillment with appropriate attention to customer service, safety, employee relations, and cost control. Serves as the location safety leader responsible for safety culture and results.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Effectively uses Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to drive performance and accountability in all areas.
  • Oversees the daily operations, including hiring and firing.
  • Ensures service is on-time and efficient and passenger wellbeing; safe pickup/drop-off/placards/student management.
  • Ensures adequate number of drivers and process for covering absenteeism
  • Serves as the primary liaison with contracted customers.
  • Maintains client relationships and provides excellent customer service.
  • Attends School Board meetings periodically and as required.
  • Monitors revenue contract administration and compliance.
  • Accountable for location profit and loss. Monitors monthly variances/develops action plans and participates in budget and forecast development.
  • Oversees necessary financial operations such as approval of invoices (billing and collection) for customers, all labor costs (including non-revenue), fuel cost, and maintenance spend, recommendations, and justification of capital purchasing.
  • Oversees the time and attendance tracking as it relates to hourly staff and driver time, including all overtime.  Develops route labor standards.
  • Assists with HR matters, labor relations, processes, and investigations
  • Ensures maintenance of records and compliance with licensing and safety requirements (DOT, Federal, and State).  Driver credential compliance
  • Ensures compliance with Company Safety Policies and Procedures
  • Monitors vehicle usage, ensuring appropriate inspection and certification of buses and efficient utilization of spares as required to operate as required by the revenue contract.
  • Ensures compliance with the company maintenance policy and procedures
  • Controls programs and functionality of ancillary equipment (cameras, zonar, child checkmate, crossing gates, radios, GPS)
  • Ensures that facility is appropriately maintained, understanding the requirements for OSHA, ADA and fulfilling our obligation for maintaining a secure and clean environment
  • Responsible for timely submissions to Corporate departments
Minimum Education & Certifications Required
  • High school diploma or equivalent: college degree preferred
Requirements & Expectations:

  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in the transportation industry
  • Managerial experience preferred
  • CDL required
  • Good verbal communication skills.
  • The ability to work early morning hours.
  • Must maintain a professional and respectful attitude toward fellow employees and customers.
  • Dress in a professional and appropriate manner for a business environment.
  •  Perform all job functions in the safest manner adhering to OSHA guidelines & other applicable Federal& State laws
  •  Execute all job duties while following company policy and procedure
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