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Position's Supervisor Contract Manager, Operations Supervisor, Assistant Manager

Job Purpose: Coach for the school district who drives his/her school district team(s) to events. Primary responsibility is to safely transport passengers in multiple types of vehicles, including those with manual and automatic transmissions.





1) May drive a regular route or drive when location need warrants. Safe operation of transportation vehicle.
2) Read and understand street signs, route sheets and maps.

3) Complete pre-trip and post-trip inspections of the bus, including child checks.

4) Assists students in the loading and unloading process, including wheelchair lift.

5) Cooperates and communicates with school personnel, parents and students.
6) Attend all safety and training meetings.

7) Conducts emergency evacuation from the bus, including exiting from the emergency door.

8)Cleans the insides of the bus including sweeping, dusting and cleaning windows.  Cleans outside windows of the bus.
9) Other specialized functions as required by contract.

10)Responsible for student management

11)Ability to learn & follow a route sheet/electronic routing device

Minimum Education & Certifications Required:
  • High school diploma or equivalent preferred
  • Possess or have the ability to obtain CDL Operator’s license with required endorsements & other state or local permits as required

Requirements & Expectations:
  • Good verbal communication skills.
  • Must be able to work without direct supervision
  • Must maintain a professional and respectful attitude toward fellow employees and customers.
  • Dress in a professional and appropriate manner for a business environment.
  • Perform all job functions in the safest manner adhering to OSHA guidelines & other applicable Federal & State laws
  • Execute all job duties while following company policy and procedure

  • Ability to use or learn to use internet, additional programs as required and office equipment, including fax and phones or other electronic devices.

Physical Requirements & Working Conditions (include amount of travel):
Ability to successfully complete and maintain dexterity test and DOT physical and comply with drug free workplace policy


School bus yard /Office/On-the-road


Physical requirements include:


Pushing/Pulling               Opening service door, emergency door, bus hood, steering, windows, applying service & parking brake, adjusting mirrors & wheelchairs, student evacuations dragging up to 120 lbs and for up to 40 feet.


Lifting                            Bus hood, trash box, challenged passenger into their seats, wheel chocks, tire chains, emergency equipment.  Up to 40 lbs.   


Walking                         Crossing lot, up and down bus aisle, around exterior of bus


Sitting                            Up to 2-3 hours


Climbing                        Steps in and out of bus, cleaning windshield, under hood inspection, multiple times a day


Reaching                       Under hood inspection, cleaning windows, applying tie-downs, safety vests, car seats, adjust mirrors, opening emergency door from ground, checking roof hatch, applying service brake, clutch and accelerator


Gripping                         Doors, knobs, switches, handles, etc.


Hearing                         Detecting problems with passengers on bus, emergency  vehicles, unusual engine noises, normal conversation


Bending/Stooping/           Pre-trip inspection, applying tie-downs, sweeping, checking for sleeping

Squatting                       children multiple times per route per day


Seeing                           Driving, reading street signs, route sheets


Communicating               Via the English language with passengers, parents, school officials, dispatch, monitor if applicable


Dropping                        From emergency door to ground
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